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Long Life Adult Day Care
595 Anderson Ave., Suite 110, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010
Traditionally, our society has relied on the family as the source of care for the functionally impaired and fragileMore elderly. Our elderly population is growing at a faster rate than at any other time in history. As the need for care giving increases, the availability of traditional caregivers is decreasing due to increased financial pressure for women to work outside of the home and because families live a distance from their aging loved ones. Long Life Adult Day Care is committed to providing a quality program of adult day care for older adults that promotes, provides, and maintains dignity, respect, and independence. Long Life Adult Day Care recognizes the desire and need of older adults to maintain as much independence as possible. We also recognize that functional impairment increases dramatically with advancing age. Caregivers are often unable to provide all the needed support and services to their elderly loved ones while still meeting their own physical, emotional, and financial needs and those of their immediate family. Other senior community members are alone and unable to maintain their health, safety, and well-being without additional care, services, and support. Long Life Adult Day Care enrollment represents a significant opportunity for our seniors to remain in the community. The program at Long Life Adult Day Care will enhance the community it serves by offering a creative and dignified program that allows our seniors and caregivers alike freedom, independence, and a general sense of well-being. As program clients are transported from their homes for several hours per day or week to participate in a medically directed/ nursing supervised individualized program, caregivers are given respite and are able to pursue their activity for daily living including shopping and leisure activities. Participants no longer experience hours of loneliness and social/physical isolation or hours of feeling abandoned or burdensome, but instead become actively involved in exercise programs, socialization with peers, nutritious dining, and social interaction by participating in community activities. Without the stress and worry of an aging loved one home alone, working caregivers become better employees, better caregivers, and better community members. Most importantly, our clients are well cared for, safe, and experience an improved quality of life with fewer hospitalizations and fewer nursing home placements. Long Life Adult Day Care clients become more productive and independent within their family and community. Adult day care is affordable, close to home, family centered and committed to improving the health and welfare of the participants it serves. ------------------------------------------------------------------- At Long Life, we are committed to providing the highest quality medical and general care to our participants. With our unique and engaging programs, we guarantee an individualized environment. All of our programs are devoted to raising the quality of life for our participants and their families. Your day begins with free transportation to and from our facilities. Two meals are provided based on individualized and specialized dietary needs. Our participants receive constant attention and all necessary medical supervision with coordinated treatments. Our patients look forward to: -Delicious meals -Exciting programs -Daily walks -Comfortable transportation -Prescription deliveries to our facilities -Arts and crafts -Music lessons -Exercise classes -English lessons -American citizenship courses -Group travel -Group discussions pertaining to relevant topics -Beauty services -Festivities -Concerts & Cultural Events -Physical Therapy -Occupational Therapy -Podiatrist Services -Counseling -Individualized Nutritional Services -Coordination with Physicians to provide Optical, Dental, and Psychiatric Care Payment Options: -Medicaid -New Jersey Respite Program -Community Care Programs for Elderly & Disabled (CCPED) -Long Term Care Inurance -Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving (JACC) -New Jersey Family Care -Private Payment
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