New Fort Lee Junior Basketball League Director Prepares For Season

After the recreation league’s longtime league leader stepped down, new director Curtis Adams says there won’t be a lot of changes in the short term. He also says he needs as many parents to help out as possible.

The new head of the Fort Lee Junior Basketball League says not a lot is going to change this year after the league’s longtime leader announced earlier this year that he would step down.

Jack Hausler made the announcement to league coaches several months ago, and after serious consideration on the part of league officials, former college basketball player Curtis Adams, who has coached in the league for the past two seasons and volunteered for the assignment, was, along with league president Mario Mowatt, appointed to the post of league director.

Now, the two are getting ready for the upcoming season, Adams told Patch, and they’re hoping for as much help from parents as possible.

“We’re definitely going to keep it the same in terms of the logistics of the league,” Adams said. “We’re going to keep it the same in terms of the planning and the operations, with regard to referees, jerseys and the overall feel for the league. But we do want to have parents become more involved with regards to coaching and just generally trying to make a difference in any little way they can because it is ultimately the parents and the kids who make the league.”

Adams also commended Hausler “for his services over the past decade to two decades in this league” but said the league will “be carrying on as normal.”

“We’re not looking to make any changes yet,” Adams said. “We’re just trying to get a feel for whatever needs to be done because this is new for all of us. The best thing we’re looking to do is to make as smooth a transition as possible and just take it from there.”

Adams said games don’t start until Nov. 28 with an opening ceremony planned for Nov. 27, but the league is in the process of registering players for the upcoming season at the Fort Lee Community Center and on its website.

Parents who want to get involved can also contact Adams or Mowatt at fortleehoops@gmail.com or through the website.

“We look forward to a great year, and we hope the parents come out and expect a good time like we do,” Adams said.


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