Saddle Brook High Science Teacher Wins Award

Science teacher Kimberly Salma's video won honorable mention in McGraw-Hill Education’s Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Innovative Educator Awards.

Saddle Brook High School science teacher Kimberly Salma recently won honorable mention in a contest honoring innovative teaching in math, science and related fields.

The McGraw-Hill Education’s Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Innovative Educator Award comes with almost $500 in prizes for the school. Salma is scheduled to be honored during a ceremony at the school Tuesday.

The video details a lesson Salma used in her anatomy class, in which students built lifesize paper skeletons and, later, added muscles.

"They can figure this stuff out by themselves," Salma said in the video. "They can take a look at the bones, take a look at the bone markings and really see how they fit together. It makes the skeleton make a lot more sense when they're putting the pieces together."

After the students assembled their skeletons, Salma gave them scenarios in which they had to diagnose injuries to the models based on what they have learned.


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