Fort Lee Schools To Reopen Wednesday, Stay Open All Week

School officials posted an announcement on the Fort Lee Public School District’s website, saying schools would be open Thursday and Friday because the NJEA Convention in Atlantic City was cancelled.

Fort Lee public schools will be open for the rest of the week after a week and two days off due to widespread power outages and some form of damage to most of the schools cause by Hurricane Sandy, school officials announced.

Tuesday was already scheduled as an day off because of the election, but Thursday and Friday, which were supposed to be days off as well because of the NJEA convention, are now going to be school days, according to school officials.

The following statement was posted on the school district’s website:

Power has been restored to Fort Lee Public Schools, as such all schools will reopen Wednesday Nov. 7th. Due to the cancellation of the NJEA Teacher Convention school will be open Thursday Nov. 8th and Friday Nov. 9th.

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