Whiteman Street to Receive Makeover

Curbs, sidewalks, roadway all scheduled to be replaced in 2013.

Thanks to a state transit grant, Fort Lee's Whiteman Street is scheduled to receive a major renovation.

Curbs, sidewalks, handicap ramps and roadway along Whiteman are scheduled to be replaced, according to Borough Administrator Peggy Thomas. The $149,000 grant is funded entirely by the NJ Department Of Transportation.

Should the overall costs exceed the grant allocation, the governing body will review the project's status, Thomas said.

Whiteman Street is one of more than 40 DOT-sponsored projects expected to get off the ground in Bergen County this year, totalling $6.8 million.

“These grants enable municipalities to stretch their resources and advance important roadway projects and other safety and quality-of-life improvements that benefit all who share the road, including pedestrians and bicyclists,” NJDOT Commissioner James Simpson said in a news release.

Work will begin once Boswell Engineering finishes its final review and preparations, Thomas said.

JohnJay May 19, 2013 at 11:08 AM
OH NO ! REMEMBER When Bergen County, Paid a contractor $$$$$$ Millions of TAX PAYER DOLLARS TO DO THE SAME, SOME WORK IN FORT LEE on sidewalks walkways and HANDICAP RAMPS ? EXCEPT THE RAMPS HAD A TELEPHONE POLE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT OR A 4'' LIP CURB ? [NOT TO HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE ] Then they Paid another Engineer Firm $64,000 to decide if the first contractor should in fact redo the work to the correct way in the first place . NICE WHEN THE COUNTY OF BERGEN SENDS MONEY SO RECKLESSLY !!


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