Town Hall Meeting on School Safety

Joint meeting between the Mayor and Council and the Board of Education to discuss school safety with the community.

The Mayor and Council and Board of Education are sponsoring an open Town Hall Meeting Wednesday, Feb. 13, to discuss the current safety measures in place and initiatives to be implemented concerning the safety of the Borough's children. The meeting will take place in the second floor meeting room in the Fort Lee Community Center at 7 pm. This Town Hall Meeting is open to all residents.

During the meeting, residents will be provided with information concerning safety programs and initiatives developed by the Borough and the Board of Education to be implemented in the immediate future. There will also be a question and answer period moderated by Mayor Mark Sokolich.

The meeting includes a panel of municipal representatives available to respond to all questions. The panel includes:

  • Mayor Mark Sokolich
  • Superintendent Steven Engravalle
  • Police Chief Keith Bendul
  • Deputy Chief Tim Ford
  • Lieutenant Patrick Kissane
  • Fort Lee Council Members
  • Board of Education Members
  • Borough Administrator PeggyThomas


 The Fort Lee Community Center is located at 1355 Inwood Terrace, Fort Lee


Keith Jensen February 13, 2013 at 02:27 PM
Parking for this event. If you are not one of the lucky ones to obtain limited free parking, be sure to pay your meters, for they will ticket you up till midnight. Not only for an important community meeting like this, but also if you were to simply arrive to play basketball and the game you are playing goes into over time, you will get a ticket. The meters are in effect and the elusive parking authority should also be in attendance at this meeting. This is an excellent meeting to bring up that attendance would be much better if citizens could use our own facilities free of charge. The poor business owners often end up paying tickets because the meters are enforced into their busy parts of the evening. www.fortleegop.org
Quint February 13, 2013 at 03:47 PM
I understand your point, but it has little to do with school safety.
Keith Jensen February 13, 2013 at 04:39 PM
The point is that if you can't park. You can't attend. If you put your car in a spot with a meter, you should not have to pay, and if you do you will not be of sound mind to participate because you will be worried about the ticket. In the end we won't have as much input to this town hall, because in part of the parking situation in town. Those that are there, may not be actively engaged because there is a limit on how much you can put in the meter and they will be watching their watch instead of being a part of the discussion. Bring parking up all the time and the Mayor and Council will listen. What will remain to be scene is if they will be bold and confront the autonomous parking authority. The Mayor and Council do read these posts. It is just a shame that they rarely chime in.
Lewis Pagano February 14, 2013 at 12:58 AM
You want to arm me? Good. Then arm me with a school psychologist at my school who has time to do more than test and sit in meetings about testing. Arm me with enough counselors so we can build skills to prevent violence, have meaningful discussions with students about their future and not merely frantically adjust student schedules like a Jenga game. Arm me with social workers who can thoughtfully attend to a student’s and her family’s needs so I. Can. Teach. Arm me with enough school nurses so that they are accessible to every child and can work as a team with me rather than operate their offices as de facto urgent care centers. Arm me with more days on the calendar for teaching and learning and fewer days for standardized testing. Arm me with class sizes that allow my colleagues and I to know both our students and their families well. Arm my colleagues and I with the time it takes to improve together and the time it takes to give great feedback to students about their work and progress. Until you arm me to the hilt with what it will take to meet the needs of an increasingly vulnerable student population, I respectfully request you keep your opinions on schools and our safety to yourself, NRA. Knock it off. —  -Mary Cathryn Ricker, President of the St. Paul Federation of Teachers
William Mays February 14, 2013 at 03:09 AM
The point is that you are trying to take over another article with links to Republican related websites when obviously this is not partisan.


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