Sections of Teaneck Could See Power Restored Within Hours

Electricity restored to the Cedar Lane business district Friday afternoon.

Power was restored Friday afternoon to the Cedar Lane business district and more Teaneck residents could see the lights come back on within the next several hours, officials said. 

Township Manager William Broughton said utility crews were working at the Palisade Avenue substation, and he was told service could be restored to some areas east of the railroad trucks served by the facility. 

Broughton said Public Service Electric and Gas crews, along with out-of-state teams, were deployed in Teaneck. 

"They informed Township officials that a significant portion of the Township east of the railroad tracks will have power restored once damaged circuits are repaired and the substation is fully operational," a statement issued using the town's e-mail alert system said. "PSE&G reported that the estimated time for this particular restoration was several hours."

Electricity was restored to Teaneck's Fairleigh Dickinson University campus and the West Englewood Avenue-area, west of the railroad tracks, he said. Some residents might experience outages while workers test circuits. 

Utility crews were also working near Teaneck Road and Voorhees Street, and the Rensselaer Road-area, the manager said. Key township facilities, including the Richard Rodda Center and Municipal Building, were also without electricity. 

Township public works crews have cleared about 95 trees, but at least another 100 remained, Broughton said. 

Still, large areas of the town remained without service. According to PSE&G's outage map, more than 10,000 township customers were out Friday afternoon. The number has gone unchanged for days after Sandy hit. A spokesperson for PSE&G did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday morning. 

Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday said thousands of outside repair crews were headed to New Jersey, and he would tell utility companies to issue revised restoration timelines to customers. 

County Police Lt. Dwane Razetti, Bergen's emergency management director, said federal officials were expected to deliver blankets and other supplies to the county for distribution to municipalities. More than a hundred people remained sheltered Friday at the police academy in Mahwah. 

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LaVerne November 05, 2012 at 04:42 PM
By goodness, you cry babies! People don't have HOMES! get your asses out and help someone!
Dee Are November 05, 2012 at 04:51 PM
LaVerne -- while I applaud your spirit of volunteerism, I still think it acceptable for someone with no power or heat, especially if there are children or elderly in the home, to express frustration and wonder at the situation. I can't afford to move into a hotel. I threw out lots of food. I don't have a generator. And I'm at work now. People who don't have homes are surely to be pitied and for those who can help, an object of help. But those of us who are trying to resume a semblance of life and work (and that work is very often in a service industry on which many others rely) to call us cry babies when we are simply trying to get information is a touch insensitive. Should someone tell you to stop wasting time on your computer and go volunteer? Did your post add to anyone's sense of community and improvement? Or was it judgmental and divisive, assuming a superior tone when it didn't reflect any actual superiority in performance? So if you want to volunteer, feel free to do so to help people who have no homes. I woke up shivering at 4AM and am just now starting to thaw out while I am at work. If you can find someone to volunteer to help me that'd be fine, too. Sorry that my suffering isn't great enough.
LaVerne November 05, 2012 at 04:51 PM
The people are working as fast as they can. The same group of babies that sits on the butts and complaints. Most people are hurting, others more than others. GET A LIFE! I'm sure people in the real world are laughing at you crying that your power isn't on while people have lost everything. ...try remembering what many went through with Katrina, Tsunami. and you are crying about being cold and in the dark! You want to find help then get out and then I've seen PSEG & Broughton.
LaVerne November 05, 2012 at 04:54 PM
GET UP and pass out flyers to get out the vote and tell people where the polls are. Go to Staten Island and help those people clean up and get back in their homes if they can. Donate something........... Just Shut up and give thanks.
shimon baum November 21, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Of course not having power makes it hard for a lot of people to use their computers. Einstein.


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