Police Launch Pedestrian Safety Program

Fort Lee Police are going out into the community to stress pedestrian safety, with the support of the Mayor and Council.

Chief of Police Keith Bendul recently spoke to the Main Street Club at the Fort Lee Senior Center about pedestrian safety.

Bendul, noting the continued problem with accidents involving pedestrians over the course of the past year, talked to the seniors about the need for awareness and crossing the street safely.

Bendul has discussed initiatives to help raise awareness on pedestrian safety, such as distributing reusable bags and other items outfitted with reflective tape that will help make pedestrians visible to drivers at night.

Mayor Mark Sokolich mentioned some of these initiatives during last week's Mayor and Council work session. He said that he would even help to hand out these items in an effort to raise awareness among pedestrians.

"I'll go to bus stops and hand them (these items) out," Sokolich said when talking about raising awareness about pedestrian safety. 

Sokolich also said that given the rise in pedestrian motor vehicle accidents, he is prepared to start another ticket writing campaign. "People seem to listen and pay attention to that," he said.

In getting the message out to the community, Bendul will also be speaking to the residents at Century Tower on Parker Avenue Tuesday evening at 8:30 pm. The focus of the discussion will be on the dangerous crosswalks in and around the building.


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BJ February 13, 2013 at 08:13 PM
Quint: Chief Bendul said they did a traffic survey on Abbott and there were no speeders. I assume this was back in the days of the horse and buggy because it sure as hell wasn't this century. All one has to do is park, walk or drive down Abbott between 4:30-6:30pm to witness cars racing down that road. FLYING! Do the same thing on Anderson and Center. Yesterday 2/12 at approximately 5:30pm there were seven cars backed up on Abbott Boulevard southbound at the intersection of Route 5. To say motorists don't use Abbott as an alternate route AND speed, is simply an outright lie. During rush hour is when they are the most reckless. Cars are traveling between 30-45 mph, easily. Warwick is the worst intersection, they don't even stop. On the rare occasion a police car IS present the difference is profound. Sadly it will take some heartbreaking story where a child is killed or injured for this to finally be resolved. It's inevitable it will happen. Thus far, this year the numbers are higher than any other year previously. The figures are in - the Pedestrian Safety Program FAILED! Jan 1-31 eight people struck one dead. Contrary to what you've been falsely lead to believe it is not the vast majority of the pedestrians - the most recent fatality was in fact the fault of the driver. The town is over populated which was fundamental in creating all of this. Stack em and tax em!
Dana Doan September 11, 2013 at 01:45 AM
I live in Century tower and nearly hit by cars about 80% of the time when I try to cross the intersection in front of Its Greek To Me (palisade ave and angioletti pl). Every time I cross the streets, I wait for the traffic lights to turn red and the walk signal to be on and I never jaywalk. And still 80% of the time, I almost get hit by cars. I have a 2-year-old kid and sometimes push him in the stroller, still we almost got hit 3 times walking inside the walkway with the walk signal on. This problem is getting out of hand. This is a residential area and there are a lot of kids playing in the park. The part that infuriates me is that the drivers roll down the windows and proceed to lecture me on how they have waited for me (for about 100th of a sec) before they continue to drive and that I should pay more attention. Something needs to be done bc I don't feel safe walking around the neighborhood.
BJ September 11, 2013 at 08:23 AM
Dana: Have you contacted the Mayor directly? Don't email him - he won't answer. Call his office directly and explain exactly and in detail what you've said. Then call Chief Bendel and say the same. Ask Bendel what he's doing about all his broken promises. Zero people getting hit. They continually blame the pedestrians and do nothing, I repeat NOTHING about the motorists which is pricisely how this became an epidemic. Every 5 days someone gets hit by a car in Fort Lee. This has been going on for YEARS. Instead, they hand out ice scrapers and whistles to the residents in Horizon House. Perhaps you're child would've received one of the coloring books they also included. To tell you just how much they dislike the dislike the Mayor, I spoke to a person this past weekend who knows Mark Sokolich since childhood. The persons exact words were "He's unfit to be Mayor". This is someone who was a close personal friend and has known him his entire life. As I've said repeatedly they are FURIOUS with the Mayor, Council and the Police Chief. It's inevitable a child will be hit and or GOD FORBID killed before something is done. Look what's happening to you. IT IS NOT SAFE TO LIVE IN FORT LEE!
Dana Doan September 11, 2013 at 12:46 PM
BJ: please give me the direct numbers to the mayor and police chief if you have them. I've been experiencing this problem for awhile and keep looking passed it. Yesterday was the last draw for me. I was trying to cross angioletti pl at that intersection to get to the park and I was holding my son with my right arm. The walk signal was on and I looked to make sure there was not any car coming before I stepped onto the street. Next thing I know a car stopped right to our right and the woman wad yelling at me for not looking.
BJ September 11, 2013 at 01:27 PM
Dana: I would make appointments with both and speak to them IN PERSON so they can't pacify you. Bendel is very nice but Mark is a true blooded politician. If possible, bring your husband and son and DEMAND answers not more excuses. Marks speciality. More importantly however is NEVER EVER EVER assume the drivers in Fort Lee will STOP and or IF they even see you. Do not take chances. Wait until they come to a full and complete stop. They've become even more arrogant and reckless since they started issuing tickets to the pedestrians. It exacerbated the situation ten fold. You see how they YELL AT YOU! No one in Fort Lee is safer than I am because I'm so aware of the severity of this situation and yet - I've almost been KILLIED 5 times. Not just struck mind you, but KILLED. STOP SIGNS are mere suggestions. One Way signs are only applicable to idiots. Why go all the way around a street when your house is so close? I walk my dog every day for 2 hours throughout the entire town and it is no longer safe. I now take him to the park instead. It's just not worth the risks. You can't walk anywhere safely. You saw the young woman who got hit exiting her car? Was she supposed to climb out her moon roof instead? Drive through any town - they have radar and strictly enforce traffic laws. Fort Lee refuses to. It's about buying VOTES rather then earning them - they mustn't anger the residents. Mayor Mark Sokolich: 201 592 3500 ex 1003 Cell 201 424 5014 Police 201 592 3700


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