Freeholder Candidates Call for Probe Into GWB Lane Closures

Three Democratic Bergen County Freeholder candidates are asking state elected officials to investigate why the Port Authority closed two of three lanes from Fort Lee to the George Washington Bridge, a move that snarled local traffic and surprised borough officials.

The Port Authority has said it closed the two lanes Sept. 9 while evaluating a new traffic pattern, but not offered any details on the change. The bi-state agency reopened the lanes after an order from Port Authority Executive Director Patrick Foye, who privately said the traffic change posed a public safety risk and should have been advertised, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing an agency unnamed source.

Fort Lee police and elected officials weren’t given a heads up on the Port Authority’s plan and didn’t receive an explanation until Sept. 13, according to an NJ.com report. 

"If the Port Authority is unwilling to even answer phone calls from the mayor of Fort Lee and the police department, then my running mates and I have no choice but to ask our state representatives to bring them before a committee hearing for an explanation under oath,” Freeholder candidate Chris Tully said in a statement, the site reported.

Tully, Jim Tedesco and Lorraine Waldes will face Republican incumbent freeholders Maura DeNicola, John Mitchell and John Felice in November.

Jack B Goode September 22, 2013 at 08:11 PM
Yeah, Where is State Senator Weinberg, Assembly people Huttle and Johnson, Our District 37 Representatives on this?
down&out September 23, 2013 at 09:47 AM
C'mon, is anyone really going to pretend to not know what happened? This was political payback by Gov. Christie for Fort Lee not being all gushy over him and Mayor Sokolich not endorsing him. Christie is a vindictive bum who called him appointee at Port Authority to gridlock us. Emergency vehicles could not get through, and people were late to their jobs. Some hourly workers were docked. Heads should role for this BS.
Baba O'Riley September 23, 2013 at 12:13 PM
Does anyone believe that the PA cares about Fort Lee!? Or for that matter anyone (but themselves)!?
JJ September 24, 2013 at 07:12 AM
That's a good thing Of The Mayors office not getting an answer on the phone call from Port Authority ! How about all the home owners with issue's with Mayor and consul, Its a hush hush ,I'll talk with you after the MEETING , No let's talk now without any nonsense from you or any consul people making any remarks ! Or some 50 story tall apartment Buildings coming to FL , Why was it a closed door meeting with the lawyers and the owners Only ?? Why all the hush hush ? Should the Port Authority give a notice , Because One of there buildings are in Fort Lee ? No so what, Does anyone no of what it means if there is a need to know policy, who is the mayor ?
BJ September 24, 2013 at 12:46 PM
Still, Mr. Sokolich said the incident made him wonder if he had run afoul of someone, somehow, though he didn't name anyone or any organization. "Maybe I'm getting too popular. Maybe I'm doing too many things, been too progressive," said the mayor, noting a spate of development in the borough. "We are proud of it. I've got to believe they are happy with the results." ************************************************** Boy, talk about detached from all reality, but that's Mark. Too popular? From whom? Certainly not Fort Lee residents, who, in the hundreds, called the borough to complain. The bottom line is this. As always, as with the hurricane and everything else, Fort Lee was completely unprepared and had no contingency plan. What if it hadn't been a mere change of traffic patterns? This is not the first time this has happened. How is Fort Lee allowed to continue to add more residents endangering the lives of all those that already live here? Try and get an emergency vehicle anywhere in Fort Lee when the bridge backs up. I think the best part of this entire story was, did anyone not realize it was a mere bunch of plastic cones that simply could've been REMOVED once it was determined there was no state of emergency? I know if I were Mayor it's what I would've ordered. I can only imagine the number of phone calls I then, certainly would've received from the POA at which time explaining the havoc they had created in Fort Lee by not informing the town. It's what you do in a time of crisis. You rise to the occasion. Mark on the other hand makes excuses and then has the audacity to pat himself on the back just as he did with the handling of the hurricane. Too popular? And now for my next joke .....


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