Fort Lee Gave More to Obama, More Per Donor to Romney

A majority of voters in Fort Lee went Democratic in the November election, but the amount per contribution during the latest election cycle was much higher for the Republican candidate for president.

A majority of Fort Lee residents who voted on Election Day selected Barack Obama for president, and more of the community's campaign contributions went to the eventual winner.

But while the number of Democratic and Republican donors in Fort Lee mirrored voting patterns, the amount they gave did not; the amount per campaign contribution in the borough was much higher for Mitt Romney.

In Fort Lee, nearly 71 percent of the $165,060 donated to the two top candidates went Obama’s way, but Romney contributors donated an average of about $572, while Obama donors gave roughly $129 each.

Voted Obama Voted Romney Contributions to Obama Contributions to Romney $ Given to Obama $ Given to Romney Fort Lee 62% 37% 905 84 $116,994 $48,066 $/per Obama donor $/per Romney donor Population $/resident Fort Lee $129 $572 35,579 (2011) $4.64

Click here for an NJ Spotlight interactive map of campaign contributions broken down by municipality across the state.


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