Bergen County Food Stamp Program Available For Sandy Victims

Bergen County residents who suffered losses from Hurricane Sandy could start applying for food stamps on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

Bergen County residents who lost food and had a loss of income of at least $100 as a result of Hurricane Sandy are eligible to apply for food stamps through the emergency New Jersey Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP).

Applications are being accepted at all Bergen County outreach sites and at the Bergen County Board of Social Services in Rochelle Park.

To qualify for this one-time benefit, the total amount of money people could have in checking, savings and cash from Oct. 28 to Nov. 26 must be below the following limits:

Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 Each Additional Net Income & Resource Limit $2,268 $2,965 $3,416 $4,034 $4,452 +$384 Benefit Amount* $200 $367 $526 $668 $793 +$150

*This benefit can only be used toward the purchase of food items.

Copies of the following documents must be provided, including proof of net income and resources:

  • Photo ID of head of household along with two other forms of ID.
  • Names, dates of birth and SSN#'s of all related household members.
  • Paystubs or a letter from employer for period of 30 days Oct. 28 through Nov. 26.
  • Proof of any other benefits received by all family members.
  • Checking and savings statements, and proof of the amount of all liquid resources, during the 30 day period Oct. 28 through Nov. 26.
  • Proof of lost income or receipts for disaster related expenses totaling $100 or more which may include home or business repairs, temporary food or shelter expenses, including dining out or motel expense, fuel, storage or clean-up. The type of expense must be written on each receipt.

Citizens and non-citizens may apply, but they must do so in person.


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