PSEG: Power Back in Fair Lawn by Midnight Sunday

PSEG has offered no timetable for the restoration of power in Saddle Brook.

The vast majority of Fair Lawn may have its power back by the end of the weekend, according to a PSEG work schedule released by the governor's office Saturday.

Gov. Chris Christie released the restoration plans for New Jersey's three primary power companies Saturday in an effort to provide New Jerseyans greater transparency and certainty about the progress of restoration in their towns.

“While progress has been made in restoring power to many businesses, households, and critical infrastructure in the aftermath of Sandy, there are still over 1.25 million customers without power," Christie said in a statement. "So many New Jerseyans have demonstrated significant patience and resilience through the storm and this initial recovery period, and it is our obligation to get them back online and with the certainty of a timeline they can reliably plan their lives around in the coming days.”

The restoration plans, provided by PSEG, Jersey Central Power and Light and Atlantic City Electric, give a town-by-town breakdown of the number of customers serviced, the number of customers without power and a restoration timetable for the next three days.

Fair Lawn has 39.9 percent of its 13,899 PSEG customers still without power, but restoration is expected by midnight Sunday.

In Saddle Brook, 29.8 percent of the 6,570 customers remain in the dark, but PSEG has yet to release a timetable for full restoration.

To access the power restoration plans for PSEG, click here. Note that the column for "% Customers in Service" appears to have been transposed and actually shows the percentage of customers without service.


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Chris Antonelli November 06, 2012 at 10:07 PM
The Mayor and Deputy Mayor have jobs that involve overseeing the county during a disaster. If anything, Metzler would be in charge of organizing boro resources. And I'm sure he did one hell of a job too. All performed flawlessly. Why do you thing Jeanne and Ed brought Metzler back? Because they guy's great at this stuff. And how do you know the Mayor wasn't in touch with everyone back here? You don't.
Radburngal November 06, 2012 at 11:16 PM
OMG, what is the problem here? We are part of a NATIONAL level disaster. PSEG is doing the best they can to restore it. Frankly, I would think that we would all prefer that the communities and towns that are struggling (oh, like LF and Moonachie) have priority. Additionally, these grids are very complicated. Not seeing the mayor and council? The mayor, to my understanding has been working non stop on a county level. What, are the council supposed to walk around like we are frigging Long Beach Island to comfort us for not being able to charge our Ipads? Shame on all of you complaining!
Bruce Knuckle November 06, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Office of Emergency Management has turned into more political appointments for gratitude instead of qualifications. The system failed big time. Gas lines were ridiculous, our PD was all tied up with them, people in Fair Lawn still without power. Where is PSEG? The only thing more conspiculosly missing is our Mayor and council(Cosgrove is the exception), As for Peluso, where is this big collection taking place, I missed the memo. Why is our rescue teams loaned out when our own residents are in the cold and dark? They should be here in Fair Lawn, no where else. I see posts above defending political allies instead of the well being of the residents in FL. Call it as it is folks. A failure of this administration to take control. Just put it on the pile.
CornerWatch November 07, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Wow! It is amazing to see how similar Chris Antonelli and FL09 are. Not only in their comments, but inability to understand too. Bottom line, i think Bruce Knuckle hit it on the nose
Mitt Rummey November 07, 2012 at 05:32 PM
CWatch, don't you have a gas station to video?


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