Fort Lee Pedestrian Struck, Killed by Car on Anderson Avenue

A Fort Lee man died in the hospital Saturday night about four-and-a-half hours after getting hit by a car while he was trying to cross Anderson Avenue between Jane Street and Catherine Street, according to authorities.

A 65-year-old Fort Lee man died Saturday night after getting hit by a car on Anderson Avenue, police said.

At about 5:15 p.m. Saturday, police received calls saying a pedestrian had been struck near the exit of the Church of the Madonna. Officers from the Fort Lee Police Department’s Patrol Division and Detective Bureau responded, conducting an on-scene investigation, which concluded that Gerard A. Deangelis was hit by a 1999 Toyota Corolla while attempting to cross Anderson between Jane and Catherine Streets, police said.

Paramedics treated the victim at the scene, and the Fort Lee Ambulance Corps transported him to Hackensack University Medical Center with what police described as life-threatening injuries. But Deangelis died at the hospital at 9:52 p.m., according to authorities.

The driver of the Toyota, whom police identified as Maria C. Ventura-Granados, 58, of Fort Lee was taken to Englewood Hospital and is cooperating with the ongoing investigation being conducted by the Fort Lee Police Department’s Accident Investigation Unit, according to police, who did say there is no evidence to suggest excessive speed or alcohol were factors in the fatal accident.

Ventura-Granados was charged with careless driving, police said.

Fort Lee police are urging anyone who may have witnessed the accident to contact Police Officer Dawson of the Traffic Bureau AIU at 201-592-3700, ext. 5195.

Three pedestrians have already been hit by cars in Fort Lee in 2013, but Saturday’s incident was the first fatality, according to police. The other two crashes involving pedestrians happened during daylight hours—the first on Jan. 7 at about 3:30 p.m. at Palisade Avenue and Angioletti Place and the second on Jan. 8 at about 3:50 p.m. at Lemoine Avenue and Bridge Plaza. In the first case, the driver was cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian, while the Jan. 8 accident remains under investigation, police said.

Local police continue to urge both drivers and pedestrians to exercise caution and remain aware of their surroundings after a slew of pedestrians were hit by vehicles in 2012.

“The department is continuing the Pedestrian Safety Initiative launched last year which includes Pedestrian Jay Walking, Pedestrian Decoy Operations, Speeding Enforcement and DWI Enforcement,” Fort Lee Police Chief Keith M. Bendul said in statement released Sunday. “The initiative contains both education and enforcement elements for both drivers and pedestrians. The Community Policing Unit and Traffic Bureau will continue to make presentations to increase awareness. Traffic signboards are deployed throughout town displaying safety messages.”

Susana January 16, 2013 at 06:40 PM
At Timothy, I'm not sure, quite frankly, why she was given the ticket at all. I don't think it makes any sense. The man was crossing were he wasn't supposed to, the statements from the police chief clearly states she wasn't speeding or driving under the influence. I can't answer your question, but in my opinion they just needed to give her "something" just because of the injuries the man sustained and then unfortunately passed away... Does she deserve it, I don't think so.. She wasn't drunk or speeding.. Clearly it was just a tragic and terrible accident.
Baba O'Riley January 16, 2013 at 07:17 PM
To BJ: all excellent points!
Ottmar Pak January 16, 2013 at 07:37 PM
What would you think of the effectiveness of speed bumps if they were placed at or near the Stop signs on the side streets which meet Abbott Blvd? Perhaps it would force cars to truly slow down (or be damaged) and deter speeding commuters from crossing between Palisade and Anderson in our neighborhoods. As an Abbott resident, bike rider and pedestrian, I would love that.
BJ January 16, 2013 at 07:43 PM
Susana: The law states you must have complete control of your car at all times. Even if she never saw him - what if it had been a child that ran out in front of your vehicle? Hence the law. You must be alert at all times. Although no one knows the specifics of the accident i.e., the size of her vehicle. I drove professionally for over 30 years. Back then there were distractions! Now? it's 100 times worse. Driving is no longer a pleasure - it's a task. I would never think of using a cell phone while driving. In fact I don't even own one. Years ago taking your eyes off the road to sip your coffee was the number one cause of distracted drivers. And now look! In time when some smart lawyer comes along and figures out a way to hold the makers of these electronic gadgets responsible maybe then something will be done about it. For now a law needs to be passed that says you must surrender your cell phone when you have an accident to determine if that's what caused it. It's all so very sad and tragic. All we can do is try and educate people. I'm sure this drivers life has been changed forever as is the victims family. It's all so very unnecessary.
Arty January 16, 2013 at 07:46 PM
you don't have to be speeding or drunk to be careless. It sounds like you are blaming the victim by saying he made a "poor decision."
BJ January 16, 2013 at 08:33 PM
All of these suggestions were discussed at my meetings. They had an excuse for all of them. Hence why I said it was truly incomprehensible. Finally I got them to agree to putting a car on Abbott. They said they would do it for a while. Here's the best part though. They put him in front of the STOP SIGN so of course everyone complied. The second he left so did the compliancy. I never laughed so hard when I saw where he was sitting. All I could think was - how determined and to what extent they will go to NOT TO ISSUE tickets! Unfathomable! Many residents have begun taking video's on their cell phones. I spoke to a exemplary officer this past week who was sitting on Abbott. I ask if they've been sent or it's mere happenstance. This officer was a Godsend. He'd already issued several tickets and told me he didn't care who they were. He issued 2 summonses to a woman for blowing BOTH STOP SIGNS! Exactly what the town needs. And, he kept moving his vehicle. Sadly they only allotted him a certain time limit which also needs to be corrected. Exceptional officer!
BJ January 16, 2013 at 08:35 PM
Cont .... For the first time in years I felt completely at ease walking my dog on Abbott with him there. The difference was utterly profound! And, here's the second best part. Word clearly had gotten out he was there because for a good 30 minutes after he left people were all driving cautiously PROVING law enforcement WORKS! One officer however is not going to fix this problem but it absolutely solidifies THIS is in fact your solution!
BJ January 16, 2013 at 09:03 PM
Re: Speed Bumps This is also another superb suggestion and one that was shot down when I presented it. They immediately began referencing Cliffside Parks speed bumps claiming theirs were somehow different and why we couldn't do the same. Like most of the other excuses it made no logical sense. This is why I've posted on this board. I would like to set up a meeting and discuss all of this with everyone. Not only do we need vehicles to come to a full and complete stop at all stop signs but even more imperatively - we need drivers to LOOK BOTH WAYS before proceeding! No matter where you are - you should always look both ways! Regardless of what you do you will never get pedestrians to pay attention when you're now competing against a trillion dollar industry of electrical gadgetry. Walk in NYC everyone is looking down. You've no alternative but to alert drivers! Rather than waste away more money on yet another park in Fort Lee they need to put signs below the stop signs instructing drivers to LOOK BOTH WAYS FOR PEDESTRIANS! I can't wait to hear this excuse. The speed bumps however are also an excellent idea.
Bob D January 16, 2013 at 09:09 PM
Susana, Arty and BJ are right – you don’t have to be speeding or impaired to be at fault for an accident. There are other factors the investigative authorities would be considering before issuing a summons. I would assume there were probably eyewitnesses or perhaps the evidence at the scene was enough to warrant the ticket. Without seeing the investigation report we can only speculate but I think the careless driving ticket alone suggests the driver shares some of the blame – maybe all of it. I also hope the authorities are looking at the driver’s cell phone once they pinpoint the exact time of the accident. I would assume that’s standard procedure today given the ridiculous number of distracted drivers using their cell phones while driving. It’s dangerous enough with everyone thinking their time is more valuable than others, as has been pointed out. As for the victim's “poor decision,” you’re entitled to your opinion but I suggest you think through your comments more carefully because they do appear to be a thinly-veiled attempt to blame the victim. You also mention the victim’s dark clothing as if he deserves blame for not wearing a reflective safety vest on his way to church. And lastly, I do feel for this woman. I can’t imagine the guilt and sadness of having to live with this the rest of one’s life. There certainly is pain and suffering on both sides – you’re right about that.
BJ January 16, 2013 at 09:59 PM
Bob you're also right. As I said the law states you must have complete control of your vehicle at all times. However, I think you will most definitely agree with me on this, there is a certain attitude amongst people today where they come right out - daring you to hit them. Everyone has experienced this latest phenomenon. I think you'll also agree the elderly sometimes have an air of entitlement as well - because of their age. Pulling out onto a highway etcetera .... It's a moot point because the law says YOU must have control of YOUR vehicle and they know it and why they deliberately do it. I'm not saying this is what this man did because at his age it's highly unlikely he'd throw all caution to the wind. Cars come off of Main Street onto Anderson like a bat out of hell! If you're heading east on Main making the right on Anderson it's also a blind curve. As soon as they make the turn they're accelerating which leads me to believe this is what may've happened. Or she came out of the side street making the right onto Anderson only looking to her left to see what was coming south and hit him that way. I see this all the time. No one looks both ways! Pedestrians on Abbott are partially to blame. They do nothing to make it easier to see them. It's a two way street no pun intended. You have to have something with you to alert drivers if you are going to walk at night! Let the town start handing out vests or tickets if they refuse to comply. That's fair. Dogs too!
gary m January 17, 2013 at 12:47 AM
I initially posted above and began reading a lot of the subsequent posts. I found that BJ has many excellent points and is on target with the many problems we are facing. It appears that the systems aren't working and many changes need to be made. I to walk my dog daily and see the "lawlessness" that exists. Much needs to be done including (but not limited to) speed bumps, more police presence and enforcing the law.
BJ January 17, 2013 at 03:23 AM
Another suggestion I offered was to have yard signs printed that read TRAFFIC LAWS STRICTLY ENFORCED - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. And placing them in an "aesthetically pleasing manner" throughout the entire town. Especially on Abbott. Not a saturation per se but enough to educate everyone Fort Lee is now changing for the safety and welfare of everyone. This not only gets drivers to pay more attention and but also protects the FLPD and Mayors Office from any reprisals when they begin issuing summonses. No different than any other campaign we're all forced to endure every time there's an election. Get this, I was told signs are prohibited! Do you believe these excuses? Apparently that law must get repealed when they want you to vote for them. So please remember all of this when that day does arrive. I've run out of adjectives to describe the magnitude of ineptitude. The electric signs do not work because drivers have been trained to ignore them when there are no consequences for what they instruct. However if you use them in conjunction with the yard signs all of that will change allowing the yard signs to quickly and eventually dissipate. Your aim is to set precedence - once that is eventually established you're halfway to your goal. It will undoubtedly take a few months but it's also the most cost effective solution. Once the reputation is built is it merely a question of constant upkeep. The most important factor being the number of lives that are saved as a result.
Fort Lee Truth January 17, 2013 at 05:51 AM
BJ, you need to run for council because this isn't the "old" Fort Lee which used to question decisions made by the Mayor and Council. There is no more watchdog. You seriously should run. The only thing I disagree with you on is the speed bumps. It's a case of be careful for what you wish for. I know someone in Cliffside Park who has a home almost right in front of one of them and they hate it. Makes noise each time a car goes by. Does it get people to slow down a bit? Of course, but they haven't noticed people avoiding their street as a result of the addition of the speed bump.
BJ January 17, 2013 at 01:06 PM
I know, people are telling me this ALL - THE - TIME! When they see me walking the dog they all run up to me complaining because they know I get things done. I was out there the morning after the hurricane and the entire week. People were FURIOUS and still are. LIVID! People that went to school with Mark and know him personally, all who had nice things to say about previously - now feel the exact polar opposite. When I spoke with Mike Sargenti (nix that - tried) he literally ran out the back door of the building we were in. I still can't get over that. Mike is a great guy - but they know they were 100% wrong the way this was handled. Nothing but excuses. And yet they want to add another few more thousand residents? It's all they know - building. I don't play politics though - that's why I don't vote. I refuse to enable this behavior. If we all get together the residents can fix all of this instead. It just takes someone like me to do it. Lastly I know precisely all the speed bumps in CP you're referring to. You're right they're ridiculous. That was more cronyism in CP - whoever got that contract. You could change your oil on them there so high. There are others in towns that are much smaller and work wonderfully. I'm not saying put them throughout the town - like the other person wrote just in front of STOP signs off Abbott. There actually very small and quiet. I've already inspected them. Thank you for the compliments!
BJ January 17, 2013 at 01:41 PM
Keep in mind all of these things need to be done in conjunction with each other. I would first use the campaign signs. Then, change all the electronic signs in Fort Lee to correspond with that same message. Now people are worried - you have their attention!!! That was your goal. Step Number Two is putting the decoy cars out there. There's at least 10 vehicles that sit idle on the side of the FLPD on any given day. Thirdly, start stenciling the word STOP at the most perilous intersections. Primarily the side streets off Abbott. Fourthly, get the signs up beneath the STOP signs that say LOOK BOTH WAYS - FOR PEDESTRIANS! They should be placed throughout Fort Lee. Your trying to educate people! Fifthly, put up small speed bumps before these STOP signs off Abbott. Lastly, then begin issuing summonses 24-7 to solidify this is not a false campaign promise. Within a few weeks thanks to social media word spreads. In time, you start considering closing certain streets during certain hours. i.e., No Right Turn. You get someone out there to start talking to the walkers especially at night. They have to carry or wear something. Same with the dogs. Take all the funds they waste on building more parks and hand out reflective wear. And something must be done about the intersection of Route 5 and Abbott. Either a walkway or a HUGE crosswalk.
Ottmar Pak January 17, 2013 at 03:31 PM
Great insights BJ. You make great oral arguments, pun intended. A couple more suggestions. If we do not have our town's support - at least for now - how about we start our own neighborhood initiative? I don't know if we have a local sign maker that can produce some safety related signs at a fair price. We can place them in front of our homes to show solidarity and how serious we are to both the town and to all drivers. If we can buy them in bulk at a decent rate and canvas our neighborhoods for support, that could be a grassroots start. I'm sure we would get some publicity as well, which would also help to elevate the issue's severity. Secndly, and just my opinion, but I think it is more effective to disentangle this debate from spending on any specfic alternatives, like dog parks etc.
BJ January 17, 2013 at 03:57 PM
{A couple more suggestions. If we do not have our town's support - at least for now - how about we start our own neighborhood initiative?} Absobloodylutely! That's the sole purpose of all of this. Solidarity! That's why I want to set up a meeting and why I came to this board. As I said the people on Abbott are furious - beyond livid. The entire town is. Now is the time to strike while the irons scorching hot! And we damn well will prevail because I personally will not relent until this is corrected. Or ... I'm hit with a car next - whichever comes first! I plan on going to see them again and taking these comments with me. Although I'm certain they've someone monitoring everything. In fact I'm most curious to see if changes are already being implemented. The officer on Abbott this past weekend was outstanding. So many of them have informed me they grew up in the town and are just as fed up as the rest of us! But their hands are tied. It's time to extricate them and hold those who're impeding them -accountable. I'm done with the lame excuses. Statistics now proof they are DEAD WRONG! My greatest fear are the gaggle of small tiny little children you see walking all around the Community Center from the Nursery School. The past summer someone jumped the curb and thankfully was stopped by a tree. The speeding police cars leaving the station are even worse. I cringe when the kids come out of Intermediate School and thier flying!
Bob D January 17, 2013 at 04:00 PM
So BJ, if the town is not doing all of the things you recommend and which sound perfectly sensible and prudent, what has Fort Lee's "pedestrian safety campaign" consisted of and where have they gone wrong? You did allude to some of the electronic signs and decoy cars but I'm curious what else they say they're doing to confront this epidemic. I read about the increase in jaywalking tickets they've been giving out, for example, but presumably there must be more. I had been led to believe that part of the problem in Fort Lee is people getting off the bridge who get lost and then race around unfamiliar streets in a panic. But then I read the articles about the fatal accidents and almost every driver is a local -- either from Fort Lee or a neighboring town.
Bob D January 17, 2013 at 04:09 PM
BJ, you need to pull in some of the family members of the victims of these accidents to advance your cause. The leverage those family members have will be a tremendous asset because the town officials who refuse to listen to common sense will have no choice when family members of the victims join your cause and support your efforts. You notify the local media and have the family members write letters to the mayor and town council and copy the local media on everything -- then you will get better results. As is always the case, some of these elected officials need to be shamed into action. It's a sad reality but one we're all too familiar with, unfortunately.
BJ January 17, 2013 at 04:36 PM
Re: Gone Wrong They vehemently refuse to implement any of the traffic laws. When I complain they pacify me. They put an officer out there for a few days and then he disappears. As I say, the best is when they placed him in front of the stop sign! I've been told they don't have the manpower, huh? The officer that performs radar from 7am to 9am says he has maintenance duties for the reminder of his shift. When I asked why they don't pay a civilian to oversee the vehicles they told me it didn't work out! It's utterly preposterous. Mind you they're doing radar for the bridge traffic! Mark rambles on and on and on about how they issued more tickets than any other town. Something like 600 last we spoke. To pedestrians! I can assure you - aside from shooting at them, you will never ever get them to pay attention. Can you name anyone other than myself, who doesn't own some electronic gadget and is not checking it constantly? It's a no win situation. It's futile. You will never stop it. It's an epidemic. An idiot knows this. Statistics now prove Mark's philosophy is 100% WRONG. Two weeks into 2013 four people have been hit the FIFTH IS DEAD! It has not cut down on it one iota. Watch the eyes of the drivers to see who is more at fault! You can force them to pay attention through fear.
Susana January 17, 2013 at 05:00 PM
The reports never mention the use of a cell phone. If that was the case, they would have stated it. I'm not blaming the pedestrian in any way, but the fact is that he did use poor judgement by crossing the street in the middle of the road, where it was dark, no pedestrian walk way. No one every thinks something like this could happen, but it does nonetheless. All I'm saying is that we all have to just have to take step back and stop pointing fingers by saying, oh maybe she was on a cell or she wasn't paying attention..How the do any of us know that for sure? I say this because it has happened to me..People come flying out of nowhere sometimes, running to cross the road and beat the car coming down the road... if they are crossing in between cars, it's hard to spot them.. You can be the most alert driver in the world and you can still have an accident. It happens! Speed bumps, more lighting, signs alerting drivers of an upcoming pedestrian walk way.They can definitely help, but I doubt they will end this epidemic all together. Pedestrians also have to be responsible and pay attention when walking and be more cautious.. Everyone has to chip in..it's not just the job of the driver or the pedestrian.. Everyone has to work together or else it won't end.. It never will..
Ottmar Pak January 17, 2013 at 05:11 PM
We increasingly hear the argument "if people were just more responsible ..." on many issues, like gun ownership, saving for their retirement or carrying insurance etc. It seems that it is wishful thinking and not getting any better. We live in a fairly affluent and educated region. If it is bad here, it is probably even worse in many places. We cannot rely on behavior to change on its own.
BJ January 17, 2013 at 05:24 PM
I've considered all of this and appreciate your input and wisdom. For the time being I'm going to see how this plays out first If nothing is done or I'm met with the same pathetic excuses then the time has come to seek alternative measures. The families of and or the victims themselves now have a rock solid claim against the town. And and we all know lawyers live for cases like this. Fort Lee knows they've an epidemic on their hands and it's now on record they refuse to address it. They've been warned and told repeatedly by everyone. And of course the figures don't lie. You can't ignore this. Did they know about it, yes! What did they do to correct it and did any of it work? No! And did they allow it to go unabated? Yes! They are paid to serve and protect the residents and they've failed miserably. One person less than every five days is getting hit by a car - that's a crisis. Again it is NOT the officers that refuse to do their job. I have spoken with a vast majority of them. Most of whom are all superb and will back me 100% on this. They take their job duties very seriously and are extremely proud officers. It's those at the top who're are responsible. There are NO MORE excuses. 2 weeks - 5 hit one dead. Now we're down to every three days!
Fort Lee Truth January 17, 2013 at 09:11 PM
BJ- regarding Sokolich, I think he began somewhat sincere when he was a Councilman. One he became mayor, his ego became even more inflated and is looking to pad his resume for his next step in politics. Decisions regarding "building" is because folks are making money on it. I miss the days of someone like Tom Myers, who would even question the opinions and motives of people in his own party. There is no one like that now. The Homeowners Association used to ask the same types of question you and Keith Jensen do in this forum. That no longer happens and some folks just simply say "well, Mark seems like a nice guy" or "well, it is Fort Lee and if you don't like more high-rises, etc, you have to move". Regarding Sargenti? He would never go against the Mayor. The major reason he is still on the Council is he is hoping to be appointed in a position as the Recreation Department Director in the future, a plum position. Any chance he gets at getting that position goes out the window if he even questions him behind closed doors.
BJ January 17, 2013 at 10:44 PM
I've nothing against MS per se other than to say he's not doing his job. From the moment we met I knew he was a typical politician and lawyer. The meeting was an insult to my intelligence and a waste of time. However, I was kind enough to give him the benefit of the doubt. When I approached him at the opening of the dog park regarding having reneged on everything we'd discussed, like Sargenti he too became just as defensive anyone would dare question his motives. It was at that moment I lost any respect I had. Mark concerns himself solely with people liking him rather than doing his job. The man LOVES to give a speech and hear himself talk. Glossing over every single problem and instead always promoting his latest pet projects. He spoke for an hour during his last speech - no mention of the pedestrian crisis or what his plans were and only the very barest mention of the hurricane.
BJ January 17, 2013 at 10:47 PM
Cont ... What Mark doesn't understand is you can only buy so many votes - the rest you actually have to earn. He's dug himself an enormous hole with his handling of the hurricane. Just look at the video of him at the senior citizens home and how he throws Sohmer under the bus while he cowers in the background! It exemplified his job performance. When I spoke to Mike it was pertaining to the massive fall out from the hurricane. Mike became indignant and eventually ran out the back door rather than face me. I was astounded. I've known Mike for 20 years we worked together at UPS. Good man but politics is not his forte. This is only the beginning - for years people have been begging me to run for office. My family dates back 3 generations. There isn't anyone I don't know! Jack Alter was like a father figure to me. The time has come to start holding them accountable or we get them out.
Jack B Goode January 17, 2013 at 11:30 PM
You make several good points. I strongly agree that the uncontrolled development is adding to our overpopulation. Who benefits from new residential buildings? I can tell you who suffers........residents and taxpayers like you and me. The current governing body is rubber stamped back into office every November and their decisions go unchallenged. Until and unless we get new representation, things will get worse.
Fort Lee Truth January 17, 2013 at 11:55 PM
BJ, you're much more optimistic about change occurring soon than I am. Although Fort Lee is huge population wise, a VERY small percentage turn out to elect a Mayor or Councilman. When you take into consideration the number of jobs Mark has given to former classmates, friends, business associates, folks who have given "generous" donations to his campaign and "favors" done, the number of folks quickly adds up since your talking about their entire families voting, getting their neighbors to vote, etc. Unfortunately, most folks in town have their head in the sand and don't know the major issues or don't want to know. The one's that do don't want to get involved in politics feel their vote doesn't "count". Also, the Republican party has not put together a serious slate in decades. The very few folks they put on the ballot over the years that were qualified, no one even heard of.because they didn't advertise. Except for the Red Light camera issue, does anyone else know where the candidates who ran last year stood on the issues? When they suggested that there be no ads or signs, I thought it was laughable. If they actually paid for commercials on cable TV (as folks did 20 years ago), and went to borough events to promote themselves, they'd have a shot.
BJ January 18, 2013 at 12:59 AM
Oh nonono! No one is more cynical then I am! Ask anyone who knows me. But I'm also a fighter. I'm a doer - I get things done. Ask Mike what I was like at UPS and who if anyone was ever more productive than I was. I destroyed my back because of it and have been retired ever since. I've been working since I was 11 started a business at 17. That's how I know Joan. Everyone knows how tough I am. I lost both my parents by the age of 9 and raised myself. Although my family goes back 3 generations and I'm the 4th - everyone is deceased. Joan will tell you how hard my life has been and why I don't relent. That said I could not possibly agree more with everything you said. It's one of the reasons why I don't vote and am not even registered. You can't fight Washington or the State of NJ because of the rampant corruption and cronyism. But sure as hell can make an enormous difference in Fort Lee. Are you really going to allow them to run roughshod? You have to get out there and talk to people. Educate them. I already do. I spend 2-3 hours/day walking my dog - talking to everyone. As soon as the weather turns warmer I'm in the park doing the same. That's why I know the town sentiments towards Mark and the disdain. This latest series of events has merely exacerbated all of it. If anyone would like to further this conversation and or meet please email BJGRASER@aol.com I've taken up way to much of your time and space in this forum. Thank you ever so kindly!!
Barbara LeBow January 26, 2013 at 02:15 AM
Anderson and Jane is not a bridge issue. We can't blame everything on the bridge. Bad driving and carelessness are the issues at hand here. We barely a month into 2013 and already there are 3 pedestrians hit and one killed in pedestrian vs car altercations. When is this going to stop? Don't blame the bridge put the blame where it belongs on carelessness and a lack of enforcement.


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