A Misguided Spider-Man, A Misdirected Jeep

Also, Wayne man has had better days.

Each week, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs."

Some of the recent reports:

Climbing the Walls: It's no secret that people get a little rowdy during some of the state's large St. Patrick's Day celebrations. But the Hoboken LepreCon earns some special recognition for . Over the course of the day, police made 18 arrests, " We're still going over our fact-checking, but we believe that may not, actually, be the order of the alphabet.

When They Say Off-Road ... we don't think this is what they have in mind. A Toms River teen got in a bit of trouble, police say, . The teen was charged with criminal mischief. We're not sure if he faced any motor vehicle charges ... but if he did, they probably carried more points than your average soccer game.

Disorderly Conduct May Be an Understatement ... but it's one of the charges from an incident in which, Wayne police say, . The man also allegedly threatened to kill both a cop and a doctor. In a case like that, one hopes to find out drugs are involved ... and police say they most certainly were. The other charge? Being under the influence of PCP.

Something's a Little Off Here: Maybe it's that this incident wasn't actually in N.J. Maybe it's that it was first reported by another news organization. Or maybe it's that it's so wacky, we didn't care much. Actually, it's probably that, police say, four young Amish adults got drunk and crashed their buggy into a police car. NJ.com has the report.


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