How Will Route 5 Road Closures Affect You?

Saturday was the first day of partial closures on the road connecting Fort Lee and Edgewater; eventually the road will be closed completely for 28 days.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) announced Friday the start of a $3.8 million construction project to remove and stabilize loose rock along the three-tenths of a mile stretch of Route 5 between Edgewater and Fort Lee.

The closures will initially affect westbound traffic only—traffic heading toward Fort Lee from Edgewater—in the project’s early stages, but a 28-day “complete closure” is also planned, according to NJDOT officials.

Now we want to know what Fort Lee residents think. How will the current and planned closures affect you (if at all)? Do you use Route 5 a lot, a little or not at all? Do you think the $3.8 million is money well spent to protect the road (and drivers) from falling rocks? Have you witnessed any of the “recent rock fall incidents” the NJDOT says have occurred that presumably necessitated the project?

Ron Habig July 11, 2011 at 12:03 PM
Its nice that someone wants to improve these roads. It is however unfortunate that the county doesnt care about the real public safety issues, such as River Road. River Road on the north end of Edgewater going in to Fort Lee has got to be one of the most dangerous roads in America. Blind driveways, speeding cars and bicyclists. Something needs to be done before more people die. Traffic lights, speed bumps, even a 25 mph speed limit enforced would help.


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