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Tears brought me to this store. Literally. Years ago when my kids were really little and they wouldn't nap and wouldn't stop crying I buckled them into their car seats and drove. I drove mindlessly all over Bergen County until they fell asleep. It was while I was driving down some obscure winding road behind the train tracks on Washington Avenue in Bergenfield, enjoying the peace and quiet of two sleeping babies, that I passed this store. I was so intrigued by the big blue awning that hung over a non-descript warehouse building that I kept circling it trying to figure out if it was open to the public. Finally, I saw two women exiting the store with bags and bags of goodies and colorful ribbons attached to Mylar balloons that were floating above their heads. I stopped to ask them about the store and was told, "Honey, if you don't know about this place then you're wasting your money!" Wanting to go in, but not wanting to wake the kids and shatter my moment’s peace, I promised myself I would one day return. 

I didn't actually fulfill that promise until the summer of 2009. Actually, I had forgotten all about it until one day while I was searching the internet for discount party supplies for my son’s birthday party I remembered it. It took me a while to find it again, but I did. Let me tell you, as soon as I entered the front door I knew I would never again step foot in Party City or any of those highway chain store party supply places.  

A Big Discount Warehouse has everything! They have all the supplies you need to throw a fabulous party of any kind—birthday, anniversary, or Holiday party. They have balloons with every popular character for cheap!, invitations, decorations, favors, hats, balloons, paper goods, thank you's, table cloths, party games, and more. Their paper products are hands down, the cheapest! Even cheaper than the dollar stores because A Big Discount Warehouse gives you more in each package. And most of their paper goods cost about $1. 

When it comes to holidays, A Big Discount Warehouse has everything you need from decorations, party favors, paper goods, plastic glasses, disposable trays, sternos, and table centerpieces. And the best part is that they keep a sampling of holiday supplies out all year long if you want to stock up early. It’s great for class parties, so class mom’s here’s the place to shop and stock cheaply. 

Sometimes on a Friday night my kids invite their friends over for an informal pajama, movie and popcorn party. I like to go to A Big Discount Warehouse to buy their popcorn buckets and movie theater containers to put candy in. I throw some popcorn in the buckets and some candy into the containers and for the price of one 3-D ticket it makes the kids feel like they're in a real movie theater. 

But A Big Discount Warehouse has more than just party supplies. If you need school supplies, this is the place to go. I was most amazed that they had tri-fold display boards for well under $10. I don't want to tell you what I paid at Staples for one of these babies! They have pens and pencils, cases, folders, writing tablets and more. 

PTA's and Home and School Associations will also find A Big Discount Warehouse the place to get your fundraising supplies. Rolls of raffle tickets that sell for about $28-30 in other party supply stores are under $10 here. They also sell Tricky Tray tickets as well. Also, A Big Discount Warehouse gives a 10% discount to teachers and will work with PTA's and Home and School Associations to give discounts on bulk orders. 

Aside from all that, they have really cool things for kids’ bedrooms like comforters, lamps, chairs, netting for over the bed, and more. In the summer they have outdoor toys, pool floats, beach balls, lawn games, water guns and blasters, kids’ picnic tables and chairs, collapsible character tents, and so much more. Inventory seems to come in just about every day, so you'll always find something new.

What I like most about A Big Discount Warehouse is that it's independently owned. Linda is most likely the face you'll see when you're there. She's friendly, helpful, and always accommodating. So go visit A Big Discount Warehouse and tell all your friends!

A Big Discount Warehouse is located at 105 Woodbine Street in Bergenfield. (Woodbine Street runs parallel to Washington Ave off New Bridge Road.) Open Monday-Friday 11am-7pm and Saturday 11am-6pm. www.abigdiscountwarehouse.com.

Criss McKenzie March 02, 2011 at 01:05 AM
This place is blocks from my house. Lovely owners.


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