Spotlight On: Deli on the Cliffs

Serving Fort Lee and Englewood Cliffs breakfast and lunch for years.

As the only deli in Englewood Cliffs, Deli on the Cliffs has a corner on the sandwich market in the area north of Coytesville.

Serving breakfast and lunch in the same location for many, many years, Deli on the Cliffs draws a crowd of loyal regulars from both Englewood Cliffs and Fort Lee. On any given day, you will find police officers, fire fighters and business people lined up at the counter placing their breakfast or lunch orders. The deli also does a vibrant business delivering lunch and breakfast orders to the area businesses.   

The deli, under the ownership of Kathy Sung, maintains the same quality of food and service that prevailed under the previous owners.

Deli on the Cliffs offers all of the sandwiches you’d expect a deli to offer, but they are best known for their paninis. Not only are these sandwiches large enough to feed two people, or take half home for dinner, they are out-of-this-world delicious.

Every day Deli on the Cliffs posts their daily specials menu that consists of no less than fifteen specially made dishes. If they offer the Cuban, get it because before you can say babalu it's sold out. 

One of the best lunch sellers is the chicken cutlet panini with melted cheddar cheese and bacon, or as some of the regulars like to call it—a heart attack to go. It can instantaneously turn a bad day around.

Deli on the Cliffs also offers a variety of specialty salad options, from chicken Caesar to Greek, and a daily Atkins Diet special. Hot dish specials are also offered daily such as pasta or chicken cutlet parmigiana.

If it's a burger you want, they will grill it up for you and serve it with fries cheaper and--need we even say it--much tastier and healthier than McDonalds.

Behind the counter is the manager, Maria. Funny, fast and absolutely the most charming person when she’s picking on you, Maria’s one of the reasons people keep coming back. Also, once she knows what you like to eat, you’ll never have to tell her again. As soon as you walk through the door she’ll start preparing it.

Deli on the Cliffs is not only take out--they have a small dining room with tables and chairs and waitress service.

In addition to their extensive lunch menu, Deli on the Cliffs has a breakfast menu as well. Egg sandwiches range from $2 to $4. depending on what you want on it. They also offer omelets, bagels, muffins and pastries as well.

If you give them your fax number, Deli on the Cliffs will send you their “Daily Specials” menu every day. They offer free delivery and corporate charges. 

Deli on the Cliffs can also handle all of your catering needs, whether it's for a party at your house or a corporate event; a brunch or a dinner. They can prepare platters of food that will keep both adults and kids satisfied. When Deli on the Cliffs is catering, there are very few leftovers.

There is one caveat. During the lunch rush, Deli on the Cliffs is packed. So be prepared for a little wait, and be patient. It’s definitely worth it.

Deli on the Cliffs is located at 476 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, 201-894-5515.


Barbara January 31, 2013 at 09:39 PM
To the Editor, I've been a customer of Deli On The Cliffs for years and really disappointed that you would mention the manager. First and foremost there happens to be a very cordial woman behind the counter who greets me, with what can I get you to follow, every single time Without a skip!!! I have seen her take 2 and 3 customers @ the same time, while waiting for my lunch. And also there is one other fellow, but seems he's always working on orders off to the side. In short Please distribute your kindness and appreciation accordingly, without the other employees there would be no such great service!!!!


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