Library Display Showcases Work of Fort Lee’s ‘Glamour Coach’

Tatyana Dyagileva is a fashion and accessory designer, fashion stylist, interior decorator and "home stager" whose exhibit is on display at the Fort Lee Public Library throughout December.

People who visit the Fort Lee Public Library in December and enter through the main doors may be surprised to find a display case just inside that looks more like a window display in a fashion district than something you would find in a library.

Fort Lee resident Tatyana Dyagileva of Glamour Coach and Glamour Coach DÉCOR is exhibiting some of her work there through the end of the month in a display called “The Glimpse of Glamour.”

Dyagileva, a local fashion and accessory designer, fashion stylist, interior decorator and home stager, who has been running Glamour Coach out her home office for about five years, has conducted a workshop at the Fort Lee library on style, fashion and décor and a given a lecture she described as “how to dress without breaking the bank.” But this is the first time she’s put up an exhibit there.

“It represents me as a brand—what Glamour Coach stands for, which is elegance, sophistication and high style without breaking the bank,” Dyagileva said of her display.

She described one part of her business as helping people improve their personal style and their lifestyle, from the way they dress to the way they decorate their homes. But she also says “glamour” and stylish home décor doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, and that “it’s not about big, big names and big labels.”

“It’s about what you wear and how you wear it, and most of all, what fits you,” Dyagileva said. “When you look good, you feel good; when you’re surrounded by beauty, you also feel good. So it’s to improve all your health and wellbeing.”

Interior design, another aspect of Dyagileva’s business and one she’s been focusing on more lately and devoting more to, is something she said she’s loved since she was a child. She also discussed what “home staging” is and how she approaches it.

“Selling a home or apartment can be challenging,” Dyagileva said. “Empty and over-personalized environments confuse potential buyers. They are not sure how they'll fit. One tool to consider is staging. It not only can shorten the length of time property is on the market; it can add value to it.”

 “The Glimpse of Glamour” exhibit includes aspects of all of Dyagileva’s varied specialties, including a dress she designed, jewelry she also designed and pieces she acquired for her business.

“Sometimes I’ll see something very beautiful, and I’ll just buy it and put it in my storage to use it for some projects,” she said.

Dyagileva’s philosophy of “lifestyle,” she says, is based on the five senses and making sure they’re in balance.

“When one piece is missing, let’s say vision, you try to compensate with another like taste,” she explained. “So if you don’t surround yourself with something that you really, truly love and are comfortable with, you start to eat more food.”

Compensating in that way, she said, by way of example, can negatively affect both your health and your self-confidence.

“When everything’s in balance, you’re comfortable and at your best,” Dyagileva said.

“The Glimpse of Glamour” remains on display just inside and to the right of the main entrance to the Fort Lee Public library through the end of December.

For more information on Glamour Coach and Glamour Coach DÉCOR or to make an appointment, call 551-574-8028. You can also visit Glamour Coach online or tandya.com for Dyagileva’s jewelry.


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