From The Perfect Pint To The Irish Celebration: St. Patrick's Day 101

Barry O'Donovan, a native of Ireland and owner of the Kilkenny House pub in Cranford, talks about how the holiday was celebrated during his childhood on the Emerald Isle.

Think you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day like a true Irishman when you scarf down all that corned beer and cabbage and sip on green beer? Think again. The popular holiday to honor the spirit of the Welshman who led the snakes out of the Emerald Isle — during which everyone claims they've all got a bit of Irish in 'em - is steeped in tradition, but differs dramatically from the way St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in Ireland.

Barry O'Donovan, a native of the Emerald Isle and owner of in downtown Cranford, recently spoke to Patch about his childhood in Ireland, how his family celebrated St. Patrick's Day, and how a perfect pint of Guinness should be poured.


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