Flowers by Julie: In Full Bloom on Main Street

Just in time for Memorial Day, a new flower shop has opened its doors.

My travels through my favorite section of town this week revealed an interesting discovery: Flowers By Julie, a new flower shop at the eastern end of Main St. Located in a very convenient area near cafés, a frame shop and the stop for a few different buses, the store features tasteful arrangements and baskets as well as a wide variety of potted flowers and other greenery. Though the showroom area is small, it is both neat and inviting for customers—lush little trees greeted me on one side as I entered, while on the other side, there were orchids, clearly delicate but fresh and healthy, in a wide array of different colors. A refrigerated case against the wall housed cut flowers, such as roses and lilies, along with pre-made gift baskets full of flowers in the florists’ own arrangement. The store also features an upstairs storage area for the overflow of plants.

I recognized the name from elsewhere. A few months ago, when visiting the new Korean supermarket Han Nam, I had seen floral arrangements and potted flowers for sale, with a cheerful banner in front that read “Flowers By Julie.” The business is a franchise with at least one other location (in Flushing, Queens). The Fort Lee shop officially launched its business earlier this month and is still enjoying its grand opening. Fort Lee, a town of well-maintained lawns and a great number of flower gardens, is clearly serious about its plants. Especially considering the recent closing of a large florist’s shop on Lemoine Ave., the new place seems a boon for the neighborhood just in time for Memorial Day.

The personal touches in the small outpost are what make it seem particularly special—care has been taken to make the area and its plant life seem both cozy and clean. Hanging planters decorate the ironwork on the outside of the building, bonus scenery for those who sit at the outdoor tables of Café Lamaison next door. More flowerpots containing blooms grace the entrance, surrounding a small old-fashioned bicycle. Once you are up the steps, there is even a welcome mat. I found a young, friendly employee tending to the plants with a watering can as I looked around. The prevailing mood, on a warm and sunny day in town, was that summertime had finally arrived.

In addition to plenty of simpler arrangements and baskets, Flowers By Julie offers an interesting array of exotic plants to be enjoyed permanently in the home (or out on the front porch). I noticed cacti, flowering shrubs and, most remarkably, orchids—there were several different varieties of these in colors ranging from pure white to creamy yellow to deep magenta.

A phone call later confirmed that Flowers By Julie offers free delivery service within Fort Lee town limits. They are open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays and every weekday except Thursday, and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursdays. The shop is closed on Sundays. Orders for flower delivery can be taken on the phone or in person.

Flowers by Julie

136 Main Street

(201) 363-4600


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