Electric Motorcycle's Co-Creator Fights to Keep Shares

Fort Lee man helped create $60K bike, but lost his job in November after allegedly threatening a company executive.

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Facebook photo

Fort Lee’s Vincent Ip helped create the $60,000 electric motorcycle at the helm of one San Francisco company’s product line, now he’s locked in a legal battle to keep his shares of the company.

Ip, who was fired from Mission Motorcycles in November after allegedly threatening an executive, signed a stock restriction agreement stating that if he left the company then it had the right to buy back his shares, according to a report on northjersey.com.

But Ip claims he’s not bound by the agreement, which also covers two other Mission execs, and the company wants the courts to force him to obey.

Ip’s attorney told the Record that the suit is a “bullying tactic.”

Read more on northjersey.com.


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