Bites Nearby: Hot Wings and BBQ in Wood Ridge

Each week Patch highlights a restaurant in the nearby area

Bufflalo’s Chicken Shack, located on Hackensack Street in Wood Ridge directly across the street from the high school, has been serving up the best wings and BBQ in town for that last year and half.

Chef and owners Darrin and Tiffany Miles started their first restaurant venture after Darrin perfected his mother’s special BBQ sauce recipe. Noticing a lack of good wings and BBQ in the area the Miles’, who hail from Clifton, took a chance and opened their full service, BYOB chicken shack in Wood Ridge.

The Miles’ have enjoyed an early success due to their amazing food. Their signature item, the buffalo wing, has outstanding flavor and the meaty wings can be prepared in a myriad of ways including: mild, spicy, firestarter, numb ya face, BBQ, honey, thai, jerk, and parmesan garlic. Uniquely, they also serve up turkey wings, a unique treat that can easily be turned into a meal by adding some of their delicious sides. 

While Buffalo’s Chicken Shack may be known for its wings, it deserves mention because it is one of the only places in the area that serves up fried chicken and waffles—a guilty pleasure not to be missed. Most importantly the Shack makes outstanding chicken and ribs. Darrin’s special BBQ sauce has that smoky, spicy, garlicky flavor that is so hard to find. The sauce is so good, in fact, the Miles’ have bottled it and it is for sale in their restaurant and on their website. On the label, the first ingredent is love. How could it be anything but delicious?

The website also features a full menu and a convenient online ordering feature.  

Think you have what it takes to eat the hottest wings? Buffalo’s Chicken Shack has thrown down the gauntlet and is willing to pay out big. Whoever can eat the most of our "Numb Ya Face"wings, made intense by nothing more then the mighty habanero,  in 7 minutes, wins the grand prize of $1,000, a trophy and the "Buffalo King" title. Can you beat Joe, the 2010 Buffalo King who finished 30 wings in 7 minutes? Sign up online

Buffalo's Chicken Shack
261 Hackensack St.
Wood Ridge, NJ 07075
phone: 201-728-4477


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