About Town: Cinco de Mayo Edition

Happy Cinco de Mayo! About Town offers some tips on where to celebrate the occasion

It’s Cinco de Mayo and if you’re looking for somewhere authentic to shake those maracas, you don’t have to go very far. Here are some of THE best places to celebrate!

: If you don’t go to Cinco de Mayo on Cinco de Mayo, then when will you go? This is a little caliente hole in the wall that serves the most authentic (and freshest) Mexican dishes made to order. Cinco de Mayo is one of About Town’s favorite restaurants—in fact, it’s always Cinco de Mayo when we walk through the doors.

Cinco de Mayo is a really small restaurant that has a limited amount of tables, but that’s a huge part of its charm. Whether you’re there with a group, or with your significant other, the experience will always feel intimate.   

Owner Arturo Andrew is always there to welcome you into his restaurant with a smile, setting the tone for your entire visit. Both he and his staff are friendly, attentive, and make your meal memorable by keeping the conversation flowing. Arturo opened the doors of Cinco de Mayo about nine years ago. Since then he has seen his business grow and has accumulated quite a large following of devoted fans.

Arturo informed us that he has a menu filled with specials in honor of Cinco de Mayo—all reasonably priced. Cinco de Mayo is B.Y.O.B. and Arturo offers the perfect juice mixers to which you can add the ‘condiment’ of your choice. Also, Quench wine and liquors is only a few doors away if you forget to bring your own. Oh, and did we mention that Cinco de Mayo makes the best churros? You can’t leave without ordering some! And since it’s Cinco de Mayo, be decadent and order the fried ice cream to go with it! If you feel like staying in, Cinco de Mayo offers free delivery.

Cinco de Mayo is located at 2428 Lemoine Avenue between Myrtle and Washington Avenues. 201-947-4780.

Mama Mexico: If you’re looking for more action on Cinco de Mayo then cross the border into Englewood Cliffs and spend the night at Mama Mexico. Undoubtedly, the mama of all Mexican restaurants, Mama Mexico is not only offering a special Cinco de Mayo menu, they will also have a live mariachi band playing.

If intimate is the word to describe Cinco de Mayo, then the only word to describe Mama Mexico is festive. From the moment you walk through the doors and climb the staircase to the first level you’re greeted with vivid colors, sights, and the sound of live mariachi. If you’ve never had freshly prepared guacamole, you must have it here. They make it right at your table, which the kids love.  Because Mama Mexico is a part of a chain of Mexican restaurants, the culinary authenticity does not quite match that of Cinco de Mayo simply because you don’t have the owner and chef standing right in front of you talking you through the preparation of your meal. However, it is an experience that is not to be missed—especially if you have kids. The kids love the loud acoustics, the mariachi band, and the energy that Mama Mexico seems to exude in every breath.

Mama Mexico is located at 464 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs. 201-871-0555.

Blue Moon Café: Although a chain, Blue moon is a curious combination of both Cinco de Mayo and Mama Mexico. It’s visually authentic, the food is good, there’s always a lively crowd of people, yet it’s small enough to retain some sense of intimacy.  Blue Moon has always gone all out for Cinco de Mayo and we suspect this year to be no different.

Blue Moon Cage is located at 21 East Palisade Avenue in Englewood. 201-541-0600.


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